Vulnerability – My First Blog

Writing is scary. Posting on the internet is even scarier. The art of writing does not come easily to me. My brain is slow in retrieving the appropriate words, in sounding intelligent in nature, and in remembering and adhering to all of our fun and wacky English rules.

I will, however, persevere and proceed with this blog of mine. This venue for putting into words the thoughts and reflections that bounce around in my brain.

I will not apologize for being a novice, for my inability to put the commas in the right spaces, and for missing a semicolon. I will not apologize for haphazardly talking about my job, my family, and my hopes and dreams. Perhaps this blog will morph into one of those three categories, but for now, it will just be a place to write and express my inner dialogue.

Who the heck am I and what do I want out of this crazy life?


I am a woman. A strong, independent, thoughtful, joyful, passionate woman.

I am a mother. The adventures of motherhood occurred at a later season in my life – age 31, to be exact. My personality, identity, and drive had already been procured, so transitioning into the selfless act of motherhood was harder than I thought it would be. Especially since my maternal instinct was through the roof. Now that I am done carrying and nursing babies, I have been able to reclaim part of the woman I once was. I can stay up later, socialize a little longer, and do things that I love to do. My husband and three children are my world, my life, my everything. When I’m away, I crave their voices, their touch, their personalities, their laughter, and sometimes even their tears.

I am a wife. My dear husband, Garrett, and I met online, had a whirlwind romance and married after 4 1/2 months after our first date. I love him to my core and thank God every day that he chose me.

I am a Veteran. I will write more about my time at war in the future. I will also share more about the autobiographical book that I’ve written – How to Pee Standing Up. 

I am ambitious and a scholar. I am always trying to self-improve. To learn, to grow, to become my best self. I want to suck the most out of my time on earth. My next aspiration – developing more relational trust among organizations – is my latest idea and future endeavor. Again, more on that on a later date.

I am an outdoorswoman. I thrive in nature. This view for my desk says it all. I am living on a little slice of heaven. It gives me peace and regenerates my tired soul.

I am all of the above and then some. Thank you for joining me on this crazy adventure. Happy hot August Saturday to you all.