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Speaker, consultant, writer, and, most importantly,

a wife and mother of three amazing kids

Hi everyone! As a connector, I believe that every relationship is a gift. Thank you for the opportunity to get to know you and to learn something from you. My hope is that I leave people and places better than when I found them.

I work with business leaders who want to boost employee buy-in, belonging, and collaboration so that you can build productive teams to take your organization to new heights.


Originally from Wisconsin, I have lived in England, North Dakota, and served 16 months of active duty in Kuwait and Iraq as a Military Police officer in the Army National Guard. I LOVE to read, enjoy the outdoors, and spend copious amounts of time with my lovely family and wonderful friends.


I am a passionate and dedicated consultant and speaker with a diverse background, which includes School Principal, Dean of Students, Adventure Education Teacher, Combat Veteran, and Activities Director for a non-profit assisting individuals with special needs.


I have spoken locally, nationally, and internationally on subjects including my experience in Iraq, leadership, teamwork, and collaboration.


I have led community-building activities of teams over 200 and as little as five.


I am an award-winning published author, having written about my combat experience as a Military Police Officer in Baghdad, Iraq. All of these experiences have taught me the importance of strong teams and I can’t wait to share this knowledge with you.


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See the world in an inspiring new light. Optimism and positivity collide with reality and actionable challenges. Audiences will be moved to live their “why,” surround themselves with the right people – it’s not always who you think it is, and build strong and productive relationships.


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Every great leader has the potential to grow. My consulting programs offer transformative practices that will help you achieve your dreams and will guide you in doing the same for your Team. As a teacher, principal, combat veteran, I have ample experiences to pull from. 


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I want to share my knowledge and experiences on your podcast! I’ve been a guest on several podcasts and webinars, sharing my experience at war, offering leadership advice, and sharing the human side of both. Contact me to schedule a discovery call.

I am an avid reader. See books I’ve recently read and short reviews. I enjoy both nonfiction and fiction but lean towards leadership books and articles, and I have an affinity for WWII novels.

My Trusted Advisor Program is my most intensive 1-on-1 program. Within 90 days, you’ll gain habits that create breakthrough success. You get personalized coaching and support, relentless accountability, and commonsense action steps that get results.

Award Winning Author

Read my book about the difficulties of war and its aftermath, Sirens: An alarming memoir of Combat and Coming Back Home. (get it here)

I also publish a weekly Leadership blog entitled “Thursdays Thoughts” with actionable steps to enhance your leadership.