About Me

Speaker, consultant, writer, and, most importantly, a wife and mother of three amazing kids


Hi everyone! I’m a connector. Every relationship is a gift. Thank you for the opportunity to get to know you and to learn something from you. My hope is that I leave people and places better than when I found them.

I work with business leaders who want to boost employee buy-in, belonging, and collaboration so that you can build productive teams to take your organization to new heights.

Originally from Wisconsin, I have lived in England, North Dakota, and served 16 months of active duty in Kuwait and Iraq as a Military Police officer in the Army National Guard. I LOVE to read, enjoy the outdoors, and spend copious amounts of time with my lovely family and wonderful friends.


A Woman’s Perspective: My time at war and the lessons I learned

The Power of Moving from Me to We: From the battlefield to business consulting – How to build better teams and be the best version of yourself

Buy-in, Belonging, and Collaboration: Let’s get back into the people business

Teamwork: How to build respectful and cooperative teams

Resiliency and retention: Why your people should be your priority

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I am a passionate and dedicated consultant and speaker with a diverse background, which includes School Principal, Dean of Students, Adventure Education Teacher, Combat Veteran, and Activities Director for a non-profit assisting individuals with special needs.

I have spoken locally, nationally, and internationally on subjects including leadership, teamwork, and collaboration.

I have led community-building activities of teams over 200 and as little as five.

I am an award-winning published author, having written about my combat experience as a Military Police Officer in Baghdad, Iraq. All of these experiences have taught me the importance of strong teams and I can’t wait to share this knowledge with you.


Book: How to Pee Standing Up or Sirens: An Alarming Memoir of Combat and Coming Back Home

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