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Are you a newly promoted leader looking to thrive in your new position, master your added responsibilities and challenges, and get started on the right foot? If so, we should talk.

Utilizing my background as a professional speaker, author, school principal & teacher, mother, and combat veteran I will help your organization focus on the Power of WE instead of ME. This is done through workshops, team building activities, and developing tools and processes catered to your business. 

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Project specific consulting available both on-site and virtual. Learn more here.


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Trusted Advisor Program

The Trusted Adviser program is for executives who are looking to lead as their best selves, boost performance and accountability, spend more time on growth and less time supervising routine tasks, and make better decisions amidst turbulence and uncertainty.


You meet with me privately by zoom or phone for regularly scheduled sessions to set goals, remove roadblocks, overcome obstacles, and develop action steps that get results. Additional support is available via unlimited calls, emails, or other means in between your regularly scheduled sessions.


We will operate on a renewable monthly cycle after the first quarter. Once you sign up for the program we work together to build a game plan that includes your quarterly goals, action steps to meet them, and the right meeting frequency.



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A connecter, wife and mother of three, consultant, public speaker, personal advisor, author, outdoor enthusiast, reader, and life-long learner.

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Sirens: How to Pee Standing Up

An Alarming Memoir of Combat and Coming Back Home

There’s a steep learning curve for every American soldier who deploys to the Middle East war zone. Much of that involves culture shock, and the excitement and confusion also applies to female soldiers. And when that female soldier is also a Military Police Officer, the curve gets bent way out of shape.


Laura Colbert was heartland-bred and tough enough when the Army sent her to an MP unit in Baghdad, but she quickly discovered soldiering in Iraq involved a lot more than she expected.


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