5 Eagles Leadership Insight: Challenging What We Know

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5 Eagles Leadership Insight: Challenging What We Know by Colonel Bob Dixon


Summary from the author:

Great leaders think differently. They see the world around them and themselves with clarity others don’t. They make sense of complex problems faster than their competitors and envision solutions that bring value to their organizations.

While there are a few natural-born leaders out there, there’s just not enough of them to rely on. The rest of us are going to have to learn how to do it. Developing insight is an essential step in improving leaders’ ability to navigate the complex world we live in.

In this short book, Colonel Bob Dixon helps leaders explore how to unlock uncommon understanding, challenge conventional wisdom, and see things others don’t see. With practical wisdom learned from observing some of the nation’s best leaders, Leadership Insight combines proven research with real-life experience.

The 5 Eagles Leadership Principles are proven approaches to helping leaders hone their skills, improve their abilities, and become the best version of themselves.


My Thoughts:

This book is one of five on leadership by Bob Dixon. He does an incredible job of using fables and anecdotes to teach a valuable leadership lesson that inspires and motivates leaders to be their best selves. These short and valuable lessons are easy to digest and execute.


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