Dear Educators,

I know many schools have opened. As our local district is gearing up to start next week, I wanted to send this out to everyone in education.

Dear Educators,
We trust you. We honor you. We are grateful to you. We respect you. We appreciate you. We love you.

You selflessly give of yourself every minute of the school day putting student interests first.

You are no longer just an educator. You are a parent, therapist, nurse, tech expert, safe place, subject matter expert, and many MANY other things all wrapped into a wonderful human being.

Even amid the Covid anxieties, the political divide, the mask madness, we know that you will educate first, keep your self-interests to yourself, and protect our children from society’s ailments.

At the same time, you will teach students how to be empathetic, open to other’s opinions, and how to be civil citizens.

You are optimistic, anxious, eager, and ready for this school year.

Your huge hearts are ready to fully love and engage with the many students that will walk through your door this school year.

We know that you care, that you inspire, that your passion will resonate through to our children.

You are doing what many couldn’t dream of doing. You are bestowing the greatest gifts onto our most precious commodity. You are holding our future in your tender embrace.

You are gearing up for the first few weeks of school when you know your voice will be hoarse, your body will acclimate to the daily grind, and you are adjusting to whatever mandate, protocol, or safety measures your school has in place. And you will do this without complaint.

You are our local heroes and our community role models.

When the days get short and the skies are dark, we are here for you.

When you feel like you can’t do it anymore, we’ll be rooting for you.

When you think no one cares, know that we’re your biggest fans.

With all our love and best wishes. Go forth and be awesome.


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