It’s in us…

Do you see it?


Do you see the sturdy, strong rocks peeking through the decaying leaves?

Do you see the shape emerging from the rocks?

It’s a heart. It’s love, faith, and compassion.

These rocks will be here long after the leaves are gone. Just like humanity’s love, faith, and compassion has shown through the turmoil our world is enduring. It will remain. It is our foundation. It’s in us and it’s shining brighter than ever.

Do you watch the news? Do you see the amazing things that are happening underneath the tumultuous state of the pandemic? It exists and it’s beautiful —the selfless acts, the community sing-alongs, Wisconsin “jumping around,” to name a few.

I took a break from work today. I stepped away from my computer screen and onto our dock. When I looked through our crystal clear water, I saw the heart and I couldn’t look away. I couldn’t help but think about this as a hopeful omen, a message from God, a sign that we were going to get through this.

The next photo shows you the bigger picture.


Take time for yourself. Find the beauty and the grace that exists all around us. Be safe.

Much love,


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